Optimist hlavní plachta North Sails V-4

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Značka: North Sails
13 708 Kč / ks 11 329 Kč bez DPH
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Optimist hlavní plachta North Sails V-4 (nad 46kg)

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Optimist hlavní plachta North Sails V-4



The V-4 Radial sail delivers unparalleled acceleration and speed throughout a wide range of conditions. A radial sail is more rigid than a conventional crosscut sail. The sail holds its shape and responds more sensitively to trimming and tuning changes. This is the perfect Optimist sail for racers looking to get the absolute most speed and versatility on the race course. The V-4 Mainsail is ideal for sailors 46+ kg.


  • Leech Battens
  • Country Code
  • Sail Numbers
  • Insignia
  • Visibility Window
  • Roll Bag


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Absolutní světová špička ve světě plachet a jejich příslušenství.

Technologie 3Di, Helix, Renew, Norlam. Racing, Cruising, One Design, Superyacht, Offshore.

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