Plachetnice RS Feva XL Mk2

Značka: RS Sailing
199 900 Kč / ks 165 207 Kč bez DPH
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Plachetnice RS Feva

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Plachetnice RS Feva Mk2

Nová kompletní plachetnice RS Feva XL Race s řadou vylepšení.

Více o lodní třídě RS Feva:


RS Feva Polycotton Deck Cover / Horní persenik

+ 250 EUR

RS Feva Nylon Hull/Bottom Cover / Spodní persenik

+ 240 EUR

RS Feva Stacking Trolley / Manipulační vozík

+ 565 EUR

Designer Paul Handley
Length / délka 3.64m
Beam / šířka 1.42m
Hull Weight / hmotnost trupu  73kg
Max Crew Weight / max. váha posádky       230kg
Mainsail - Club / hlavní plachta S 5.5m² - Dacron - Refovací
Mainsail - Race / hlavní plachta XL 6.5m² - Mylar - 3 Spíry
Jib - Club / kosatka 2.1m² - Dacron
Jib - Race / kosatka 2.1m² - Dacron Performance
Asymmetric Spinnaker / gennaker 7.0m²
Hull Construction / materiál trupu Comptec PE3 Durable Polyethylene
Mast / stěžeň Dělitený na 2 části - Aluminium Alloy


RS Feva Mk2 s re-designem paluby

The deck has been brought up to date. This has allowed us to; 

  • Redesign the foredeck and tack bar to improve spinnaker deployment and retrieval.
  • Redesign moulded-in handholds – making holding the RS Feva whilst launching and entering the boat after a capsize significantly easier.
  • Redesign the outer parts of the thwart by lowering them, which will allow the helm to move more easily through the boat.
  • Redesign the deck to allow us the use of common parts from our specifically designed components range.


Vyvažovací popruhy

  • The toestraps have been updated to allow the use of RS toestrap plates. This is beneficial for two reasons; firstly, it means they will be adjustable whilst afloat using a simple buckle, and secondly, they will be more durable due to the addition of the toestrap plates.


Kování kormidla - Transom Fittings

  • The transom has been redesigned to allow for the addition of a transom well and to use specifically designed RS components.
  • The transom well allows the transom bolts to be threaded captive through the hull, and it also allows easy access if any maintenance is required.
  • The Mk1 bolts traditionally bolted into the transom have now been upgraded to captive bolts that go through the hull. With the added security of using a nylock nut in the Mk2 model, these vibration-resistant nuts will ensure that they are much less likely to work themselves loose over time.
  • A new gudgeon has been used, which is again a specifically designed RS component. The gudgeon has a lock system encased within it, removing any risk of human error that the old system was susceptible to. This is a much more robust method of retaining a rudder stock and it is a lot more userfriendly, especially for younger sailors.
  • The RS drainage assemblies will make a huge difference to sailors as they can now sit stationary in light winds or reverse on a start line without the fear of filling the cockpit with water. The flaps on the system create a seal that stops water from entering through the assemblies.


Úchyty vantů - Shroud Attachment

  • The shroud attachment point has been updated from a U bolt to an RS eye bolt.


Kiking - Kicker Upgrade

  • A 6:1 kicker will be standard spec for the RS Feva S, RS Feva Race and RS Feva XL. This will ensure all RS Feva sailors have the control systems required to sail the boat well.


Kormidelní kniha - Rudder Stock

  • The Mk2 RS Feva will use a new twin pintle rudder stock. Paired with new gudgeons, this system will be a much more robust method of retaining the rudder stock to the transom.


Spinakrový "tunel" -  Spinnaker Tray

  • The Mk2 RS Feva will use a newly designed fabric spinnaker tray and a top plastic plate. This will provide considerably easier access to the pole rigging as the fabric spinnaker tray can be pulled to one side or untied to gain access.


Přední úchyt vantu - Tack Bar

  • The tack bar has been redesigned to enable a smoother spinnaker deployment and retrieval.


Středová "lavička" - Thwart

  • The outer parts of the thwart have been lowered, which will allow the helm to move through the boat with greater ease.



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